Every single Honey is available in eight distinctly beautiful colors. It’s not really possible to do the paint justice on a computer monitor. So, trust us. Not only are the basic colors complex and striking, each color also has a second subtle accent color that shows the Honey name, just barely.

Here are Honey’s 2016 Limited Edition paint schemes.  There is a $350 up-charge for any limited edition paint scheme.

Each Honey paint scheme includes the frame, fork, and stem.

Black OsirisA matte black primary color with dark grey accents. Very subtle and simple.
Hummingbird's RedStrong high-gloss red on red. About as red as a bike can get. Stand out.
Cool BlueA complex blue with pearl blue accents. Handsome.
True HoneyReally looks like honey—a deep, rich, complex, golden wheat. Sweet.
Winter LilacSo light it's nearly white. One of the prettiest and most unique colors we've seen.
Chocolate CherryDark and rich with subtlety sweet blends.
Blue MidnightThese blue depths are beautiful like a late summer’s night.