All Roads


What is the Honey All Roads bike?

The Honey All Roads bike is exactly what it is named after. This bike is designed to ride on all road conditions – paved, broken, carriage trails, and even well worn single track. Ever get the urge to ride into the that side trail you spot during a long ride? That’s what this bike is for.  The All Roads is a lot like a classic ‘Rando’ bike but with the ability to work well under harsher terrain scenarios.

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A custom build of a Honey Allroads: 650b x 42c tires, barcons, and custom paint

All Roads Bike Geometry
All Roads Series Bike Pricing and Kit Details

Why is the Honey All Roads bike the ideal adventure bike?

Honey Allroads - Disc fork and clearance for 45c 650b tiresThis bike is not only light weight, but its more relaxed geometry makes this bike extra comfortable and easy to handle any number of spontaneous ride scenarios.

  • Tire Options: Want room for fat tires? No problem. The All Roads has room for big tires – up to 45mm.
  • Wheel Options: This bike also offers the option of 700c or 650c wheel size.
  • Brake System Options: The Honey All Roads is designed for either standard or low mount disk brakes giving you excellent braking control is all conditions. The bike’s default option is for standard seat stay disk mounts.
  • Fork Options: We offer two options

    • Steel: For a more classic and rugged design.  Works well with full-time fenders.
    • Carbon:  For lightweight and precise handling.  Not optimal for fender use.
  • With its stable front end, standard trail, low bottom bracket, and long wheel base the All Roads makes for a great all-day rider.

Popular Options and Upgrades:

  • Fenders: Black plastic Planet Bike $155
  • Rear Rack: Numerous options ranging from $50-$300
  • Front Handlebar Bag Rack: Price ranging from $150 – $350
  • Handlebar Bag: Ortlieb Ultimate5 – Size Large – $135.00 (this bag does not require a front rack)
  • Generator Light System:  Includes Schmidt hub and E3 front and rear light – prices vary

    Honey Allroads - lots of clearance with a 45c tire

Weight: 19 lbs

Some nice quotes about the All Roads:


“Now for my dirt road adventures, I looked at the various new team Honeys on display at the Studio and asked for a cross between the cross bike and the winter/rando bike. I wanted the fat tire clearance and disk brakes with carbon fork from the cross bike, the fender mounts and all-day geometry of the rando bike, with even lower gears than either had to help me climb some of the really long steep roads on Green Mountain Double and D2R2. And thus, the All Roads was conceived.”

“No bike will perform the miracle of suddenly transforming me into fearless log-hopper, but this bike and those tires let me ride the kind of things I really want to ride with a smile on my face.”

“A few days later, I’m still grinning ear to ear. I had such a great time on the trails and loved riding my new bike so much that I headed back out later that day to do some more trails and then pumped the tires up to 45 pounds and took it out on a couple of pure road rides over the next two days – maintaining the same average pace I normally do. It is indeed an All Roads bike.”