honey commuter

What is the Honey Commuter?

It may seem a bit obvious to say that Honey’s Commuter is designed for simple and serious commuting. Obvious until we look at what most commuting bikes are: repurposed road or cyclocross bikes. Or, kitchen sink commuting bikes that try to be all things to all people, and end up being okay for many but not ideal for but a few.

Commuter Bike Details

What type of commuting rider is an ideal match for Honey’s Commuter Series?

Honey knows that no commuter bike is right for everyone. Honey addresses this in two ways:

  1. Honey focuses on a specific type of commuter. The Honey Commuter is perfect for the rider that:
    1. Probably works somewhere that appreciates grease-free clothing and hands.
    2. Wants a low-maintenance bike—the lowest maintenance possible.
    3. Commutes year-round, or at least in most weather conditions.
  2. Honey offers three distinctly different bikes for three distinctly different types of commute.

Honey Commuter Series Details

Comparative Summary Table

 Single speed3-speed internal8-speed internal
Intended UsageFlat terrain, light loadsMixed terrainLong commuter;
Loaded panniers
GearingSingle Speed3-speed internal
Sturmey Archer
8-speed internal
DrivetrainGates Belt Drive
BrakesLong-reach side-pull Shimano 450 road-styleDisc, Avid 7
Cable actuated
BarsDouble sweepRiser—mountain bike style
AccessoriesPlanet Bike Fenders