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What is the Honey Cyclocross Utility bike?

The Honey Cyclocross Utility is a race bike that has versatile abilities. This bike is ready for the cross course, and can be used on a daily basis for all kinds of riding – including multiple hour off road excursions, harsh weather commuting, or with a quick tire or wheel change, even fast road rides.

Cyclocross Utility Bike Geometry
Cyclocross Utility Bike and Kit Pricing

Why is the Honey Cyclocross Utility bike the ideal multi-purpose bike?

We designed this machine for quick and precise handling on the cross course with the stability that riders appreciate when using a backpack or light rear panniers.  Here are some of the ways in which the Utility is the ideal bike:

  • Stable Handling: For more stability and a lower center of gravity, the bottom bracket is slightly lower than a honey race cross bike. The front end of the Cyclocross Utility is  higher for longer distance riding. There is also a longer wheel base for improved handling when using back pack or rear rack.
  • Functional Versatility:  For racing, commuting, or just riding enjoyment.  Rear rack mounts integrated into the frame.  We’ve designed the tubeset to work well with – or without – light panniers; and we provide good heel clearance for those panniers.
  • Loves Harsh Weather:  We’ve integrated rear fender mounts into the frame.  The fork comes with fender mounts as well.
  • Brake System Options: We offer two brake options:
    • Cantilever brakes if you’re looking for a light weight bike.
    • Disc brakes – low mounted work really well if you’re planning on using a rear rack.  And if you require more stopping power than a typical cantilever brake setup.
  • Fork Options: We offer two options, depending on how you’ll be using the bike:
    • Carbon:  For lightweight and precise handling.  Not optimal for fender use.
    • Steel:  For a more classic and rugged design.  Works well with full-time fenders.