The Final 200 Meters is Honey’s fastest handling bike:  tight geometry that puts the rider in an aggressive power position.

Bike Size*Seat tube lengthTop tube slope, degreesSeat tube angle, degreesChainstay lengthBottom bracket dropHead tube angle, degreesStandover height***
Top tube lengthHead tube length**

Frame Feature Notes:

  • Frame and fork require an oversized headset system
  • Seat post diameter 30.9 mm

Frame Geometry Notes:

Toe overlap:  In order to ensure that the 200 Meter is a super quick handing bike, many of the sizes will have some toe overlap.  Make sure you are comfortable with this before ordering.  Questions?  Contact the Beekeepers.

* Bike size: Top tube length combined with head tube length are better indicators of bike fit than the classic “seat tube length.”

** Head tube length:  The Final 200 Meters frameset has an oversized integrated head tube and headset in order to maximize stiffness.  Therefore, the head tube length shown on this table may appear longer than you might expect – because the headset is internal to the frame.  For a given head tube length on the Final 200 Meters, the front end of he bike will sit about 2.5 cm lower than the same head tube length on a classic external headset system frameset.

*** Standover clearance:  We measure standover height from the ground to the midpoint of the top tube.

General Geometry Notes:

  • All specifications are in centimeters unless otherwise indicated.
  • Specifications changes could occur prior to this table being updated; if you have critical measurements for your cycling enjoyment, let the Beekeepers know before placing your order.