28862Join us for the fourth running of the New England Honey 100.  We’re riding the best trails and roads in eastern Massachusetts.  The Honey One Hundred is fun, food, and forests.

Register at Bikereg.com.  Space is limited so register now!

We’ve also added two divisions: Team and Self-Led.  We have more options, more miles, and more food than ever.  We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event.

Honey Rides the DescentPricing

  • Early Registration:  July 1 – August 19:  $55 for group and self-led riders; $40 for teams
  • Standard Registration:  August 20 – 31:  $65 for group and self-led riders; $50 for teams
  • Hibernating Registration:  September 1 – 11:  $75 for group and self-led riders; $60 for teams

Registration Includes

  • Unique Route:  You’ll have access to the GPS files to a route we’re confident you’ve not ridden.  Even if you ride trails a lot, we know you’ll see some new sights!
  • Support:  Ride support throughout the day.  If you have a mechanical or an accident, we’ll be there for you.
  • Food:  Breakfast, two food stops on route. lunch on the road, and post-ride snacks.  The Fun 50 ride does not have lunch on the route because the ride is shorter.
  • Tips for riding trails:  You’ll receive three emails from the Honey Collective with ride details and tips and hints on how to have a safe ride on the trails.
  • Fun and adventure!  Bring a positive attitude and we promise you’ll have a fun day.

The Route

This year, in addition to the 100 km and 50 km routes, we’ve added a third distance of 100-miles!  The truest of Honey 100s.

This year’s route, like every year, is 99% all different from past years.  New trails mean new experiences.  Even if you’ve ridden the 100 before, this is a completely new ride.  We’ve got some great trails and roads in store for you.  Overland will post the route on September 11 at 7:00 pm.  All three routes are about 50:50 road and off-pavement in terms of distance, not time.

We’re riding through every type of terrain available – from fire roads, perfect pavement, an urban cut through or two, goat trails, and beautiful singletrack.

Lunch Break on the Honey 100, 2014The Food

We’re serving lots of food through the ride.  A common comment has been that the Honey 100 is a caloricly positive ride – meaning that there’s so much food it’s easy to eat a lot even though the ride is long and challenging.  No one will go hungry.  The offerings vary depending on which route you’ve registered for.  All food stops and meals have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and omnivore options.  “Food Stops” include a variety of food bars, nutrition options, water, drink mixes, and fresh fruit.  Breakfast begins at 7 am and continues until the last riders roll out.

  • 100 Miles:  Full breakfast prior to the ride; food stop at about mile 15; lunch stop at about mile 55; food stop at about mile 75; snacks after the ride.
  • 100 Kilometers:  Full breakfast prior to the ride; food stop at about mile 15; lunch stop at about mile 35; food stop at about mile 47; snacks after the ride.
  • 50 Kilometers:  Full breakfast prior to the ride; food stop at about mile 13; food stop at about mile 23; snacks after the ride.  For the Fun 50 there is no lunch stop because the ride is a bit shorter.  We promise that you’ll have plenty of food!

The Ideal Bike

This is always a very personal choice based on your abilities, your bike stable, and the weather.  Most riders will be happiest on knobby 33c tires or wider.  We strongly recommend a low gear of about 1:1 ratio.  A 34-tooth small front ring mated with a 32-tooth large rear cog will get you up most of the hills.  There is not a lot of climbing on any of the Honey 100 routes, but the climbs can be short and steep at times.  Don’t ride tires too soft; you don’t want to get a flat on this ride, and there are paved sections that will go faster with more tire pressure.

Defining the Ride Categories

 Guided GroupTeamSelf-led
PurposeFor those that like to ride with others; social, fun, safety in numbersFor those more competitive in nature. Push yourself and your best friends to the limit.For those that prefer to roll at their own pace.
Distance OptionsAllAllAll
Pace OptionsFast, Moderate, FunWhatever pace you like; we hope that your slowest teammate determines the paceWhatever pace you like
Number of Riders10 maximum; determined by online registration order4-6 that you choose1 or more; you decide up to 10 maximum
Navigation Responsibilities Overland provides a navigatorYou and your team navigate. You must have at least one GPS unit, preferably two.You navigate. You must have at least one GPS unit, preferably two.
Departure TimeDetermined by online registration preference or availabilityTime trial timing; register for your preferred time onlineAnytime between 7:45 – 10:30 am
Pricing – based on early registration$55 per person$40 per person; teams receive a discount of $15 per rider$55 per person

Team Rules

  • Honey Through the WoodsEmail us your team name and list of team members.
  • Each member registers individually; include your team name.
  • We will assign you a starting block time; if you have a preferred start time window, email us.
  • Your team must have at least two Garmins, fully charged, with the route loaded.

Honey 100 Rules

  • Follow trail etiquette.
  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • If a rider asks for help, help.
  • You represent all cyclists so be on your best behavior.
  • This is not a race; this is an adventure.  If you’re not up for having fun, stay home.

Email us if you have any questions.  We hope you’ll join us on the best Honey 100 yet!

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